Banglalion WiMax 4G Postpaid Plans

Banglalion WiMax 4G Postpaid Plans is given here for you. Choose the Banglalion 4G Postpaid speed plans that meet your internet requirements. There is both Limited Data Plans and Unlimited King Plans. Speed Limit starts from 1 Mbps. Benefits of using Banglalion WiMax 4G Postpaid Plans is also described here.

Banglalion WiMax 4G Postpaid Plans

Banglalion WiMax 4G Postpaid Plans

Limited Data Plans Unlimited King Plans
Speed Limit Data Limit Monthly Fee Speed Limit FUP Limit Monthly Fee
1 Mbps 2 GB Tk.400 1 Mbps



30 GB Tk.1350
3 GB Tk.500 40 GB Tk.2300
5.5 GB Tk.750 70 GB Tk.4000
8 GB Tk.920 30 GB Tk.2500
10 GB Tk.1000 2 Mbps 50 GB Tk.4600
15 GB Tk.1200 70 GB Tk.6500
33 GB Tk.1400 4 Mbps 70 GB Tk.10000
3 GB Tk.750  
5.5 GB Tk.1000
8 GB Tk.1325
2 Mbps 10 GB Tk.1500
15 GB Tk.2000
20 GB Tk.2250
33 GB Tk.2700
4 Mbps 25 GB  Tk.5500

Benefits of Postpaid plans:

The postpaid plans are cheaper (per MB rate) than Prepaid. There is advantage of continuously using connection even after crossing data limit. You have different options to select the right plan for you. King plans are for heavy data consume user. There is 7 days grace period so that you can pay bill without disconnection. You have most suitable and a variety of bill pay options. You have advance payment capacity.

Terms and Conditions:

  • VAT is included.
  • No extra charge is valid for Unlimited King plans.
  • Extra usage charge of limited plans is Tk. 0.10/MB (VAT applicable).
  • Speed limit denotes highest download limit.
  • Customer has to buy device at market price for new connection.
  • Bill of 1st month will be considered as security deposit.
  • Existing customer can select any of these plans via migration request.
  • Fair Usage Policy is applicable for the entire King plans after FUP.

For any query, call 09611-556677 or 16313 (mobile only).

Banglalion reserves the right to modify any terms and conditions without previous note.


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