How to Check Samsung Phone Original or Fake

How to Check Samsung Phone Original or Fake. This Article is about how to identify a fake or clone Samsung Galaxy phone. This piece of writing will help you while buying Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 edge, S7 edge, S6, Note 5, and Note 4 Smartphone. At present, there is a lot of fake Samsung Galaxy phone in Smartphone market. They are master copy of original phone. It is difficult to recognize fake or genuine Samsung Galaxy phone. Go through this article to avoid buying a Clone / Master Copy / Fake Samsung Galaxy S7 , S7 edge, S6 , S6 edge, Note 5, Note 4 Smartphone.

How to Check Samsung Phone Original or Fake

Check Samsung Phone Original or Fake

Check IMEI Number:

IMEI Number is a unique number for every Smartphone and the device IMEI is similar to Manufacture box IMEI number. Check IMEI Number by simply dialing *#06#. In an original Galaxy phone, IMEI Number is similar to the Manufacture box IMEI number.

Check Device Memory:

You can Check Device Memory to make out fake or clone Samsung Galaxy device. Most of the Galaxy phone has 8GB/16GB/32GB device Memory. Original Galaxy phone include 5.5GB/10.3GB/23GB free memory out of 8GB/16GB/32GB memory device. Fake or clone Samsung Smartphone contains less memory than the original device.

Screen color and Brightness:

Check screen color and brightness to find an on original Samsung Galaxy phone. Samsung Super AMOLED display has a deep vibrant color. Screen color of Original Galaxy phone is more live than clone Galaxy phone. Original phone’s screen is brighter than fake Galaxy phone. Its glass is also more clear then the fake one.

Space from Screen to edge:

In original Galaxy phone, Screen to edge space is below 1/8 inch. But in fake Samsung smartphone, it may be long.

Samsung code test:

In the Original Galaxy Phone, you will get some Software and Hardware info by dialing code from Dial Pad.

Dial this code from dial pad:

*#1234# (View SW Version PDA, CSC, MODEM)

*#0228# (ADC Reading)

*#32489# (Ciphering Info)

*#232337# (Bluetooth Address)

*#232331# (Bluetooth Test Mode)

*#0*# (Samsung General Test Mode)

*#12580369# (Device SW & HW Info)

*#197328640# (Service Mode)

These codes should work on original Samsung Galaxy phone. If you don’t see the code info on your device, your device is fake.

Check flash light:

Original Galaxy phone’s flash light brightness is enough for capturing image in dark environment. But in fake Samsung smartphone, flash light is not good. It doesn’t have enough brightness to capture clear image in low light.

Check camera:

Original Galaxy phone is capable of capturing Full regulation clear Sharp photo. In a fake or clone phone, image quality will be poor.

Check With Samsung Kies:

You may use Samsung kies to identify fake Samsung Galaxy device. Download & install Samsung kies on your PC. To download latest version of kies, go to Samsung website. Actually, it’s pc suite for Samsung Smartphone. After installation open it & you will see a massage ” Connect your phone “. Your Samsung smartphone is genuine if kies identify your device.


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